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By July 6, 2021July 22nd, 2021Lubbock Impact Family Stories1 min read

Angela originally came to Lubbock Impact in 2017 after seeing the Lubbock Impact van outside of the building. She was experiencing pain in her leg and wondered if this place could help her in any way. When she visited the Free Medical Clinic, she immediately felt welcomed and loved by the doctors who cared for her and diagnosed her with diabetes. She also received care from the Dental Clinic, where she felt she was truly a priority.

Angela, also known as “Grandma Sparkles,” enjoys loving on her 30 grandchildren, and she regularly brings them to participate in the Children’s Ministry. Angela often comes to visit with her Lubbock Impact family at Coffee and Conversation. She is thankful for the food she and her family receive every Wednesday night, and she also takes part in the Unpack Ministries.

Angela says her life has been impacted for the better emotionally, physically, and spiritually, and she is grateful for the way Lubbock Impact has empowered her and encouraged her to take care of herself and live a better life. She has never felt more loved and seen by anyone than the genuine people and volunteers at Lubbock Impact. Angela knows that when she walks into this building, she will be supported and cared for by people who know her by name.