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By November 10, 2017Recent News

We are getting a new website! “Finally!” you say? Yes, finally! Apparently websites are meant to be updated every once in a while…..and that was the breakdown of our sweet little site. We did update…about once every 3 years. No! I am exaggerating. It was not nearly that often!

The bottom line? Lubbock Impact is made up of a bunch of volunteers. Every Wednesday night it takes about 120 volunteers to service the 300+ clients that walk through our doors. The truth is, our volunteers are busy putting mashed potatoes on plates, taking temperatures of the ill, praying with the lost….you get it…we are busy doing our thing. The Lubbock Impact thing—helping people in the areas of food, clothing and medical needs all in the name of Jesus Christ. So who has time to do the website? Apparently no one…until now.

Back on track…We are approaching our 10 year anniversary and part of our birthday gift to ourselves is a new website. Actually, the Board of Directors did not OK a “birthday gift to ourselves”, but that sounded cute as I was typing.

So who am “I”? Rory. My family helped birth Lubbock Impact. Here from the beginning—can’t get rid of us! I am the really white haired gal that used to boss people around in the soup kitchen area. Now I am working with Jordan—I call him the web guru. He has designed a great site for us—and I am thrilled to be able to share it with you.

So who are “you”? Anyone that wants to know more about our ministry. Anyone that wants to supports us or just learn about us. Anyone that wants to see pictures and read stories about how the Lubbock Community comes together in the name of Jesus Christ in order to serve the under-privileged.

The navigation map of our site almost brought tears to my eyes—it is beautiful! During the next month the site will begin taking shape. I will be the tour guide during that time….then a couple of other Lubbock Impact (from here on out shortened to LI) volunteers will help with the blog.

Join us when you get a chance.

More to come….

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