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Recent News

Bacon Heights Baptist Church Stocked The Food & Hygiene Pantry!

We are so grateful to Bacon Heights Baptist Church for helping us stock the Food & Hygiene Pantry. They brought two truckloads of hygiene and pantry staples!

Bacon Heights has been a part of Lubbock Impact since the very beginning. They are always faithful to serve and play a role in furthering our mission of bringing hope, empowerment, and healing to the working poor of Lubbock, Texas. 

Just last month, in August alone, 217 individuals came to the Food & Hygiene Pantry needing essentials. There is a huge need for pantry goods and personal hygiene items. Participants are welcome to shop the pantry once a month and are giving a credit of $7 to shop for items.  This allows them to choose what they need instead of receiving items that are not beneficial to them.

If your business, church, team, or organization is interested in partnering with us, consider hosting a food or hygiene drive! This is a huge blessing to keep our pantry stocked. Please contact Becky Robertson at for more information.

Haircuts with Charlotte

We are excited to announce that Charlotte will now be offering free haircuts on the first and second Wednesdays of each month! Before COVID, Charlotte offered haircuts, and we are so glad she has decided that it is time to volunteer her services again! 

Charlotte has cut hair for 57 years! Her passion is to cut hair and make others feel special. Charlotte said, “I want to make a difference while I’m on this earth. It’s not about what we have, how much money we make…it’s about helping other people.” 

Charlotte mentioned she is providing free haircuts because “it’s a really hard economy for everyone right now.” She added, “If I can help someone else and make them smile, then I can smile. I want people to know that God loves you and so I love you too.” 

Lubbock Impact is very thankful for Charlotte’s service! She is helping people save money and restoring confidence and dignity by giving haircuts to men, women, and children. 

God is at work in Lubbock, Texas

As many of you know, we have the honor of partnering with Lubbock Unified Church by sharing a building. While Lubbock Impact is providing resources like the Food & Hygiene Pantry, Clothes Closet, Community Meal, Clinics, and more, Lubbock Unified Church is gathering for Bible studies throughout the week and church on Sunday mornings. 

Often, we get to share stories with Pastor Fermin of Lubbock Unified Church about people finding resources at Lubbock Impact and then learning about the hope of Christ because they stayed for Wednesday worship or went to church on Sunday. 

Pastor Fermin is in the building during the week praying and ministering to participants that are here for resources and programming.  He is never too busy to stop and minister to anyone walking into Lubbock Impact.  

A few weeks ago, Lubbock Unified Church baptized seventeen people at a community pool in Lubbock! Even one of the lifeguards on duty asked to be baptized because she had made a profession of faith earlier in the summer.

It is such a blessing to be able to serve the community alongside Lubbock Unified Church. We are constantly encouraged by the people coming to know God by the work that is being done. Hebrews 10:24 says, “and let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works,” which is a great example of this partnership. A constant encouragement back and forth of how we can love others well.

Pancakes and Bingo Night

Just a few weeks ago, Lubbock Impact families were invited to a night of pancakes and bingo! 

It was a great opportunity for families to come together, enjoy each other’s company, and have a ton of fun. We wanted to give families a break from their normal routine, a night to not have to worry about cooking dinner have quality time. 

For some of the kids, this was their first time playing bingo. They loved learning how to play and competing with each other. The kids raved for the next week about how many pancakes they ate and all the prizes they won. This event brought so much joy to Lubbock Impact families. 

United sponsored the evening and brought their employees to come run the show. Thank you, United and UCrew for making this event happen!

A big round of applause for Lubbock Impact Work-Life Graduates!

We are so proud of the Lubbock Impact Work-Life course graduates! These individuals have shown commitment and diligence to see this course through to the end. 

Throughout this course, these graduates took a deep dive into learning how to apply their God-given talents and skills in the workplace. A big topic of discussion was that God created humans with different abilities and skills with the intention for us to work. Whether flipping hamburgers or working at a local grocery store, working to the glory of God can bring us joy and purpose. 

Pastor Fermin Sifuentez, a facilitator of the Work-Life Course, said, “This year’s Work-Life graduates are great examples of how investing in yourself always pays off. Their leaps of growth in a short amount of time displayed the fruit of this course and the capabilities possible for every individual.”

Graduates shared how their personal self-esteem increased because of this course. One graduate expressed her gratitude that the course helped her reflect on her own life and was encouraged by the stories of others.

They are now working with Goodwill Career Industries to get their job readiness skills and move forward to working. Please join us in prayer over these graduates during the next few weeks as they take the next steps in their work journey.

Summer Serving at Lubbock Impact!

Lubbock Impact has had the honor of hosting many volunteer groups and organizations over the past few weeks. We are so thankful for the churches, organizations, groups, and businesses who come volunteer their time and effort to serve the working poor of Lubbock. Each and every volunteer has played a vital role to keep Lubbock Impact moving forward, whether that is helping a participant in the Clothes Closet, or pulling weeds in the parking lot. Here are some of the groups who we’ve had the privilege of serving alongside! 

Surprise Blessings

Haircuts can be expensive, and often at the bottom of a long list of priorities if you are already struggling in a financial situation. 

On a recent Thursday morning, Lubbock Impact received a call from Wade Gordon Hairdressing Academy. The caller, who was an instructor, was looking for an opportunity for his students to practice haircuts. He offered to bring all of the supplies if he could set up shop in our building and give free haircuts to people in the building that morning. Of course, we said, yes, please come on! 

Shortly after the call, the students from Wade Gordon were in the coffee hall, ready to cut hair. They were able to give haircuts to men who had just finished shopping in the Clothes Closet. 

It was a great opportunity for both Lubbock Impact and Wade Gordon to serve people in our community! We are so thankful they wanted to help, and we look forward to them coming again to offer haircuts to our Lubbock Impact families!

Twist & Turn VBS Made for a Fun Week!

Recently, Lubbock Mission Church sponsored Twists and Turns VBS at Lubbock Impact! Thirty or more children joined every morning to hear about Jesus, sing songs, play games, eat snacks, and much more! Some of the highlights were making “pop its” during crafts, building towers with dominoes, and playing sharks and minnows. 

After asking some kiddos what they learned about Jesus that week, they shared that Jesus is worth following! Even when life comes with difficult twists and turns, Jesus is trustworthy for all people to follow. 

Thank you, Lubbock Mission Church for organizing such an awesome week! 

Here are some pictures of kids and volunteers from Lubbock Mission Church:


Trinity Christian School Second Graders Served at Lubbock Impact!

A few weeks ago, Trinity Christian School’s second graders came to serve for an afternoon at Lubbock Impact. These young students brought 344 pairs of shoes with them that they had been collecting over the previous weeks to donate to our Clothes Closet!

The entire time these kiddos were here, they brought us joy! Bringing shoes of all sizes and types, they worked together to sort, tag, and store the shoes. Even hearing their giggles and voices echoing through the building brought smiles to our staff’s faces. 

These second graders’ willingness to donate shoes and serve at Lubbock Impact was so heartwarming. They were a great reminder that no matter how young or old, helping others is something everyone can take part in! Whether that is donating shoes, sorting items for our clothes closet, or bringing smiles to the halls of Lubbock Impact to uplift others. 

We were so thankful for these second graders and their teacher’s servant-hearted spirits to come join us and donate so many shoes to go to those in need!

A Season of Change for Lubbock Impact Staff

We wanted to update all of you as we are going through a season of change for Lubbock Impact staff. 

Brandi Carter, who has served as the Executive Assistant at Lubbock Impact since the beginning of 2020, is graduating from Texas Tech. Throughout the years, she has been in charge of many tasks, such as grocery shopping for our meals, helping oversee the Clothes Closet, keeping track of odds and ends, and so much more. We are so grateful for the time she served here, and we look forward to cheering her on as she steps into a new adventure. In the coming months, she will prepare to work as a teacher at Southcrest Christian School, where all four of her kids will attend this Fall. Please join us in congratulating and praying for Brandi as she walks through this exciting transition! 

As some of you may know, K’Lynn McEhaney has come on board as our Program Director! She comes with wisdom and people skills to help our participants. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and looks forward to helping our participants with both what they may physically need in the moment, and their long-term physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Many of you know Stephanie Wallace, who came to Lubbock Impact after she retired from her full-time job, wanting to use her skillset to serve the community. A volunteer herself, she has been our Volunteer Coordinator, often putting in 25+ hours a week to handle all of the responsibilities that come with overseeing volunteers. Coming into 2023, Stephanie knew she was ready to enjoy retirement fully. Over the past few months, we have been working to make provisions for a full-time Volunteer Coordinator to come on and relieve Stephanie of her responsibilities. No need to worry, you will still see Stephanie volunteering at Lubbock Impact!

We are excited to announce that Shawna Silvas has officially joined the Lubbock Impact staff as our Finance and Volunteer Manager. She comes with a servant’s heart and is ready to learn all of the ins and outs of Lubbock Impact behind the scenes. 

We give thanks to God for His provisions to make all of this possible. We are so excited to see how God continues to use Lubbock Impact’s staff in the future. When you see K’Lynn and Shawna, please give them a warm welcome!