My story began when I lived in San Antonio.  I was part of a group of women who gathered to pray every Saturday.  During this time of prayer, I shared with my group how I felt lead to be a part of a ministry that would clothe and feed and lend medical assistance to those in need.  This was my desire and my group joined me in my prayer.

That year my family went through a house fire and loss of a job for my husband; we were forced to move back to Lubbock.  Boy did I try to resist—but little did I realize that God had big plans for me.

Back in Lubbock, I found a job and then started looking for a church.  I prayed for God to help me find a place and help me with my transportation needs.  God knew my needs and my prayers.  I was offered a position as a nursery worker; this position paid just enough to fund my transportation needs.  I was able to hear God’s word on the TV in the nursery each week.  I did this for 2 years.

When the church didn’t need me in the nursery anymore, I began volunteering.  This same church had started a ministry and I basically fell in love with it.  This ministry was involved in feeding and clothing the working poor, and it also had a med clinic. This was Lubbock Impact. I have been here since 2009—able to be the hands and feet of Jesus!  I have been part of the children’s ministry, from driving vans to serving in the children’s soup kitchen.  Now I serve alongside the children’s director in the mentor program.

I have been blessed beyond measure! I meet wonderful people and get to help them, and I truly feel that I am part of a wonderful Lubbock Impact family.

(Danita is currently assisting with the mentor program and is also helping to launch the Family of the Week program.)


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