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Eat BBQ and support Lubbock Impact – May 2022

By June 27, 2022Recent News3 min read

Have you ever thought about how your faith is directly related to your finances? On April 11th, we started an enrichment class called “Faith and Finances” that explores this question. We started with 11 participants who were interested in this 12-week study taught by Tausha Johnson and Mark Mattison.


Tausha has been volunteering at Lubbock Impact for the last several years and her expertise in finances and life has made her a great teacher. She has commented that this class has drawn her closer to the Lord and helped her see her own finances as a gift from God. Mark is currently serving as a Lubbock Impact board member, and after recently retiring, was looking for a way to use his knowledge in finance to serve. He admits he wasn’t sure how he would connect or understand the needs of the participants. He quickly learned that his knowledge was welcomed and has learned a lot from participants about not giving up in spite of hard situations.


In the class, the participants have candid conversations about their financial struggles and their need for budgeting. Some are trying to get away from living paycheck to paycheck while others are trying to navigate living on a single income with children. Then there is the added pressure of inflation making it harder to make ends meet.


Tausha and Mark do a great job of encouraging and thinking through solutions. Budgets are being created and participants are helping each other be accountable for their choices. One of the participants has a goal to “consult God in my giving and set a budget on giving.”


Please be praying for the “Faith and Finances” class as they finish up on June 27th. They are making an investment in themselves, and we are grateful to be able to offer this class. Our plan is to offer it again in the fall, as well as a few more enrichment classes.


When you partner with us financially, please know that you are investing in the lives of people in our community. Your support helps support a class, a meal, a patient, and an encounter with Christ. If you haven’t committed to supporting Lubbock Impact financially, will you please consider today to help us continue to make an impact in our community?


Some specific needs we have right now are:

  • Men and Women’s Deodorant
  • 3 -in-1 Soap (Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner)
  • Individuals and families who are willing to donate $15 a month! ❤️



The team at Betenbough surprised us with a $1,000 check when they brought a group of 20 employees to volunteer during their workday! Then later in the month, we received another matching donation that had been given during an employee match give-back. The generosity of Betenbough to those we serve was a great blessing!