Superman. I love him. I can get carried away with Batman sometimes, I think Spidey is great, and, of course, Iron Man is sexy, sarcastic, and smart….and then you compare them all to Superman. What a gentleman, what an American, what a splendid hero. And the fact that no one recognizes him when he wears his glasses—amazing, for sure.

Everyone loves Superman and I found out the other day that every man really wants to be him.

This info came to me as I was sitting in a round-table discussion on poverty and family ministries with a group in Amarillo. I learned so much that day—but the biggest, most ministry changing concept I held to was this: Every man wants to be Superman.

As a ministry that helps families, I was warned not to “replace” the husband, dad, son—but allow him to be the Superman of his tribe. Manny De Los Santos, from Power Church of Amarillo, told me, “The four words every man wants to hear are ‘Can you help me?’ “

But the Holy Spirit already knew about the whole Superman thing…and had started working in that direction at LI. You see, at that very moment in Lubbock, TX, at 34th and Boston, my first group of Supermen were gathering. We had asked a few of our male soup kitchen attendees if they would like to show up the next morning and work around LI for a bit. When the work was done, we planned to have some burritos for them.

The response brought me to tears. I heard (remember, I was in Amarillo learning about Superman) that the 10 men that showed up were on time (one came an hour early!) and eager to work. Some of them started offering to help do other chores. “I can paint.” “I know how to repair things.”

And with that, our newest ministry, Men of Steel, was born. Thursdays @ 10:00 men will gather to work and then eat and chat. I trust the Lord to be in charge of the other men that join and to grow this ministry into something mighty. Men working together; men eating together; men fellowshipping together.

God intended great things for the men of our country and Satan is working overtime to attack men, fathers, leaders, sons, in every way possible. Pray for our men. Pray for our Supermen.


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