Felix lives in his red pickup most of the time, although a friend invites him to spend the night on his couch every once in a while. A few times he has been given a small apartment, more like a room. That never seems to work out for Felix, though. Before long he is back in his pickup.

During the day he is busy picking up pallets and selling them, so he often comes in late to our soup kitchen, but we always save some food for him. We can only imagine why he doesn’t live with the family that we know he has in this area. (One time we gave him a large can of ravioli and he said he would take that with him when he went to visit his grandkids that next weekend.) Sometimes he lets alcohol get the best of him, or we can tell he doesn’t take his medication–maybe that is why he is alone.

One of the med students that was on leadership in our Free Clinic took special care of him, especially noting his high blood pressure. The med student would even call him if he didn’t show up on a Wednesday evening.

Strokes have hit Felix hard. One night he could barely walk down the stairs.

But the sadness Felix showed upon the death of one of his cats was heart wrenching. He said, “I know it’s just a cat, but she had been with me a long time.”

Helping him as we can, loving him as he is. We have learned that sometimes we can’t fix family problems, monitor medication or improve certain areas of their lives, so we just help to make their day better, offer them a free hot meal, and let them know that Lubbock Impact cares.


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