Lubbock Impact is guided by a Board of Directors made up of men and women from throughout Lubbock. Considered a working board, they meet monthly to oversee the major activities of this ministry. Several of them also take a role in the weekly activities, serving in spots all over the building on any given Wednesday evening. All members of our board are well-versed and would be glad to meet with area businesses, churches, or individuals about potential partnerships with Lubbock Impact.

Jerry Ramirez

Chairman, Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Jerry Joplin, Tyson Williams, Linda Gober, Jason Pace, Jerry Ramirez, Colin Lanser, Clyde Brazelle, David Ray, Dan Reynolds (emeritus). Not pictured: Lynn Elms, Matt Henson

Jerry Ramirez

Chairman, Board of Directors, FBC Lubbock – Minister of Global Initiatives

Jerry has been in ministry in Lubbock for several decades. He and his wife, Lisa, currently work with the young adults at First Baptist Church of Lubbock, where he is also the Minister of Global Initiatives. During the summer months, Jerry and his team from First Lubbock take over the dining hall and kitchen in order to give our core volunteers a break. His passion and understanding of the plight of the working poor is immeasurable.

Clyde Brazell

Board Member, United States Postal Service (Retired)

Clyde was a member of Trinity Baptist Church since 1948. He is our walking encyclopedia as far as our building. On any given Wednesday you can find Clyde acting as the ‘bouncer’ of our east side! He makes sure everyone gets to their proper bible studies and is the safety monitor of the stairs as children go to their classes. Clyde and his wife were some of the founders of Lubbock Impact.

Lynn Elms

Board Member

Lynn enjoys visiting with clients as she serves them in the food voucher area. She is a former educator and still takes an active role in support youth, especially in theater areas. She acts as a judge for UIL events throughout the area. A strong supporter of the Lubbock community, Lynn is a member of the Lions Club, BSF, and Lubbock Altrusa-Dawners. Lynn is a Goodwill member emeritus; she and her late husband are responsible for the Elms Technology Center at the Lubbock Goodwill.

Linda Gober

Board Member

Linda is a long-time Lubbockite and has a kindness that shows as she works with our clients in the Food Voucher area each week. Her knowledge of the education system and secondary education comes from serving as Dean of Students for South Plains College. Linda has roots that are deep in the philanthropic world of Lubbock and she also enjoys many fun or educational groups including the ‘Mystery Book Club’.

Matt Henson

Board Member

Matt and his family were part of the original group that founded Lubbock Impact. Matt has a strong artistic talent and spent many years in historical plaster restoration. He is now employed by Tommy Klein construction. The daddy to four daughters, his life is full of curls and squeals. One of Matt’s pastimes is posting videos of his wife and daughters singing beautiful harmonies around town or church.

Jerry Joplin

Board Member

Jerry is the head of the Lubbock Area Baptist Association. He came to Lubbock from Clyde, TX and served as pastor of Bacon Heights before he took his position at the helm of LABA. Caring for those that are caring for others is his forte, as he and his wife instruct local ministers in the area of compassion fatigue and renewal. Jerry and his wife, Karla, can be found each week at Lubbock Impact serving a meal to those clients that are going to be seen in the med clinic. Jerry has 3 children that are all married and live locally, and 4 grandchildren, so far!

Colin Lanser

Board Member

Colin is a one of the newest members of the Lubbock Impact board. He is a TTU graduate in Restaurant, Hotel & Institutional Management and is active in his local church. Currently he is the sales representative for Republic National Distribution Company. Colin is an advocate for the youth of today and currently serves as a mentor with Kids Hope USA.

Jason Pace

Board Member

Jason is a senior project manager for United Supermarkets. He also has certification in industrial maintenance, specializing in refrigeration. He was most recently seen on top of the Lubbock Impact building devising a plan for preservation of our bell tower and devising a hopeful plan for the relocation of our pigeons. Jason, his wife and son are active in their church.

David Ray

Board Member

David has many stories to tell about being a youth in the building that houses Lubbock Impact, as it was formerly the Trinity Baptist Church building. Serving as teacher, coach and counselor in LISD, he has a unique understanding of children, youth and their families. As the owner of the local business, The Brick Doctor, David’s expertise in keeping old buildings alive is vital to our board. David and his wife have been active volunteers since the inception of Lubbock Impact. Each week David can be found helping clients in the Emergency Food Pantry.

Dan Reynolds

Board Member (Emeritus)

Dan came home to Lubbock in 2007. At that time, he. his wife, Barbie, and children led the movement to create a ministry to the working poor and poverty stricken of the community around Trinity Baptist Church. Dan’s leadership, spirit and effort helped to create Lubbock Impact. To date, thousands of people’s needs have been met, volunteer’s eyes have been opened and Jesus Christ has been acknowledged as Lord based on his plan. In 2017, Dan stepped back from Lubbock Impact to become the pastor at Seagraves First Baptist Church.

Tyson Williams

Board Member

Tyson is a district manager for Hobart and brings expertise to our largest program, our soup kitchen. The father of four, he and his wife are kept busy throughout the week as they are active in their church, community and with their school. Tyson’s good nature and the fact that he is a jack-of-all-trades is handy as he offers advice for the Lubbock Impact building and ministries.