One Wednesday night, the fourth Wednesday of the month, to be exact, it was freezing outside. People were going through the serving line and a handsome African-American man, still dressed in his work clothes, and his wife and two kids, a little boy and girl around 5 and 7, came through the line.  They had probably come on the late bus since they didn’t get there in time for the seated dinner, or maybe he had just gotten off work.  They were thin and you could tell they were cold, and they had that “hungry” look, especially the Dad. It broke my heart to think that they hadn’t eaten in a while.

The Dad seemed embarrassed, and he said that he wasn’t very hungry and humbly asked if we would give his servings to his wife and kids.  The boy protested, saying, ” But Daddy, you haven’t eaten either!” He just smiled sadly at him and shook his head and said, “Well, maybe I’ll just take a roll.”  So, of course, we gave heaping helpings to his family, and gave him an overflowing plate, too.  The kids were so happy when we gave them dessert plates to go along with their hot meal.

Laying awake that night, I wondered if that sweet family would have gone to bed hungry if it weren’t for Lubbock Impact. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to send your kids to bed hungry at the end of the month because your paycheck just doesn’t stretch that far.  It made my heart hurt, but at the same time I was so grateful for the work that LI does in our community.


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