Review of Chapter 1: New website. Exciting! Navigation map looks great through my teary eyes…

Who knew that so much went into a new website? I had no idea! So I start meeting with Jordan. After a quick, “how to use a dropbox for dummies” session, we were going strong. Before I knew it, Jordan was ready for me to come in and see the home page. It is amazing—some moving pictures, all the basics of what someone needs to know quickly—address, mission, ways to donate, links to volunteer and the 3 words.

The 3 words? I heard a whole commencement address about the 3 words one time. (Thanks Blake Buchanan-founder of Bahama Bucks, friend and splendid commencement speaker.) They can be descriptors, a little slogan, etc—but apparently everyone and every business needs their 3 words. I chatted with some of the LI volunteers about our 3 words; I chatted with my family about our 3 words; I chatted with my web-guru about the 3 words. And I love them: Help Dignity Truth

I could write a book or preach a sermon about these words and how they fit into the soul of Lubbock Impact, but all I have is another paragraph or two for this little blog—so let me tell you:
Help. It is so simple. We offer Help. No need to use a fancy word or one with several syllables when this word is perfect. Help is what we give. We help in the areas of food, clothing, medical assistance and spiritual understanding and growth.

Diginity. It didn’t start off like that. We started off more patronizing. Then after a while we realized that ‘we’ are all in this together—volunteers and clients—we are all living our lives and needing help in one way or another. One of our clients said it like this: “I feel equal at LI. This is one of the only places that I go where I feel equal.” How do you give dignity and make people feel equal? Well, that is where word #3 comes into play…

Truth. We offer Truth on several levels.
#1. We are truthful with our clients—kind of like the whole Dr. Phil thing where he says “How’s that workin’ for you?” We call people out when actions are not productive. That’s what friends do for each other.
#2. We also offer the Truth of the Gospel. The Grace message changes lives and offers freedom. The whole reason we are at 34th and Boston is to serve in the name of Jesus Christ, knowing that this advances the Kingdom. Yep, it’s all about Jesus.

Help  •  Dignity  •  Truth… look for them on our cover page!


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