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We have an exciting project happening over Spring Break!

Next week, multiple groups will volunteer their time and effort to renovate and relocate our Food and Hygiene Pantry.

Our pantry is a well-used resource for many of the working poor in our community. Open every Tuesday evening and Thursday morning, guests are welcome to shop every thirty days. They are given an imaginary seven dollars and can “purchase” items that they are in need of, ranging from shampoo to Spam. Our pantry is extremely helpful for participants to get some essentials for the month.

Currently, our pantry is located on the office side of the building, while most of our other activities are housed on the social side of the building, like our Clothes Closet and Community Meal. This presents itself as a safety issue, as there are typically only one to two volunteers running the pantry for multiple guests, and they are on the opposite side of the building from everyone else.

By using the space on the social side of our building, we will be offering various resources all in the same area of the building. Not only will this be safer for our volunteers, but our guests will find it more convenient to shop our clothes coset and pantry in the same area.

Additionally, the new space will be much larger to house all pantry items. We hope to start including more kitchen staples in our pantry, such as salt or flour. This space will also carry all of our hygiene items sponsored by Superior Healthplan’s Hygiene Grant that we have received to give out hygiene essentials to participants.

We have been looking forward to this project for a while, and we are so thankful for all of the people who will make this happen!

Here is a picture of our current pantry:

Here is a picture of the new pantry location, before any renovations:

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