Nanette and I went to high school together in Plainview. Needless to say, I was delighted when she agreed to help our kitchen chef once a month. Every forth Wednesday she comes straight from the bank where she is a VP and acts as second in command in our kitchen. As part of our new website, I asked her to write a story about something that had happened one of the nights she volunteered. The story she tells is sweet. It has to do with a hungry daddy and his kiddos.

After reading Nanette’s story, I started thinking about being hungry. If you know me personally, you know that I am not hungry very often—I eat regularly, plus some, and I am a total fan of the 4th meal to which Taco Bell adheres.

In fact, aside from a few nights in my life when I was on a horrid diet, I have never gone to bed hungry. I am usually very comfortable each evening—full belly, nice and warm, clean and relaxed. Very comfortable.

But that is not the case with the culture that we serve at LI.

I had to take a step back, really examine myself and wonder why I was satisfied that our Lubbock Impact clients were, as I had said before, NOT starving, just hungry. Now I know there is a big difference—but when did I start thinking that being hungry was acceptable?

As a member of the working poor in Lubbock, you may not be starving, but hunger is common; you may not be freezing, but you could be extra cold when you go to bed; you surely may have clothes, you just don’t have a lot.

In a world where comfort and excess are driving forces, the working poor fall short in both areas. Being uncomfortable is their main stay.

So what do I do with this thought? I may make a few adjustments in my own life as far as the excess—and I keep working with the clients at LI in order to bring a little more comfort to them. I become more intentional about being thankful for what I have—and I share more with those less fortunate. And finally, well, I really don’t know what my final thought is—this is a new realization to me—so I will keep you posted.


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