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Prayin’ Pumpkins Painting Party

By November 8, 2022Recent News1 min read

A Prayin’ Pumpkins Painting Party was hosted in early October at Lubbock Impact! This event was organized by some of Lubbock Impact’s faithful volunteers as another way to serve the community. 

During the event, individuals came together to paint two sets of wooden pumpkins. The painter took the first set home as a reminder to pray for Lubbock Impact’s participants. 

The second set of pumpkins was used for table decorations for the Community Meal on Wednesdays. Lubbock Impact seeks to decorate all of the tables where guests will eat to make the environment feel welcoming and special. 

Table decorations may not seem like a big deal, but the seasonal decor makes Lubbock Impact’s Dining Hall even more special. Families may not be able to decorate much at home, but when they sit down for a hot meal on Wednesdays, we hope they can enjoy some holiday cheer.

From napkins to table centerpieces, you can give back to the community by purchasing any holiday or seasonal clearance items you may see, so that they may be put to good use at Lubbock Impact.