As a single mother, Pricilla is dedicated to her young daughter, Daniella. Pricilla has a good job and Daniella goes to an excellent school. The assistance they receive from Lubbock Impact helps Pricilla to stretch her paycheck a little farther each month. Once we asked this young single mom to name her biggest struggle. To this she answered, “Having good meat/protein each day.”

Daniella is a part of the mentor program and participates in the sports and art camps at Lubbock Impact. Her sweet attitude makes her a favorite of our volunteers.

The Family of the Week program is one of the newest programs at Lubbock Impact. The goal is to honor a family, build more of a relationship with them, attempt to find out more about their struggles in order to assist them, and make sure the children in the family know that Lubbock Impact and their parent(s), grandparents and special friends are all working together in their favor. Pricilla and Daniella were our first family chosen for this program!


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