I started out helping in the Children’s Ministry almost 7 years ago. I was so impressed with how young but how gifted the leaders were. They truly loved the children even though some days were pretty tough.  I didn’t know how they did it! They showed them the love of Jesus through all the messy stuff. The more I learned about what went on in the building, the more I knew God was all over it.  I knew I had found my calling.

I taught 4-5 year olds for a while, then 6-7 years olds, then started serving food to the kids in the Children’s Kitchen.  It was controlled chaos feeding 40-60 young ones every Wednesday, but I loved it.

One day a little 12 year old reminded me why I do what I do. She came in early and gave me attitude from the moment I said “hi” to her. I asked her why she was being rude when all I said was, “How are you?” She just responded with rolled eyes. God gave me the idea to ask her to help me with the smaller kids. She jumped right up and started helping me. She had the biggest smile on her face and the attitude just disappeared. She had to end up eating upstairs with the older kids and she didn’t want to leave. She hugged me and I told her I would see her again. She did go upstairs but I found out that she didn’t have the best time during small group Bible study. She had the same attitude. The leaders had spoken to her grandma and her grandma said that she puts a wall up anytime she meets someone. She said that the little girl had been sexually abused by a close family member and since then didn’t trust anyone.  That little girl walked in the next week, hugged me and asked if she could help me until she went back upstairs.

I didn’t see her many times after that. She moved with Grandma and stopped coming. That little 12 year old reminded me that you never know what someone is going through. They might give you attitude but always just love them like Jesus loves them.

7 years later, I have stepped away from the Children’s Ministry to become the Dining Room Coordinator. I have a love for people now, after working at Lubbock Impact for so long, that I never thought I could have. God has been preparing my heart for this for 7 years and I am so excited for my new adventure!


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