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Trinity Christian School Second Graders Served at Lubbock Impact!

By May 9, 2023Recent News1 min read

A few weeks ago, Trinity Christian School’s second graders came to serve for an afternoon at Lubbock Impact. These young students brought 344 pairs of shoes with them that they had been collecting over the previous weeks to donate to our Clothes Closet!

The entire time these kiddos were here, they brought us joy! Bringing shoes of all sizes and types, they worked together to sort, tag, and store the shoes. Even hearing their giggles and voices echoing through the building brought smiles to our staff’s faces. 

These second graders’ willingness to donate shoes and serve at Lubbock Impact was so heartwarming. They were a great reminder that no matter how young or old, helping others is something everyone can take part in! Whether that is donating shoes, sorting items for our clothes closet, or bringing smiles to the halls of Lubbock Impact to uplift others. 

We were so thankful for these second graders and their teacher’s servant-hearted spirits to come join us and donate so many shoes to go to those in need!