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How did you learn to tie your shoes? Did a parent or older sibling show you step by step? The process of learning a new skill can be frustrating at first but with the right guidance, support and encouragement, we feel empowered to push through. Lubbock Impact’s mission is to bring hope, empowerment and healing to the working poor in our Lubbock community. So, what does it really look like to empower someone? 

During a Monday staff meeting, we prayed for the Waters* family who attends Lubbock Unified Church that meets here at Lubbock Impact. Their only car was in the shop with costly repairs, meaning that getting to work, church and any place to run necessary errands was nearly impossible. They had money set aside for a down payment for a new-to-them vehicle but had no credit and needed help finding a car within their limited parameters. The Lord, our provider, made a way for the Waters family. Not only do they now have a vehicle they can afford, in the process, we were able to walk them through how to build credit in a responsible way, how to budget out payments and teach them about the various kinds of interest. In their gratitude, Mr. Waters, with his kids gathered around said “I just didn’t know about credit and what interest rates mean. No one ever taught me, and I just didn’t know.” Through some financial education and encouragement, the Waters family made an informed decision for today and for their future.  

Empowerment can start at a young age, too! During June and July, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons are packed with fun activities for our kids at Kids’ Camp. Aside from the yummy snacks, VBS lessons, and fun dance parties, the kids that attend are learning valuable life skills like cooking, budgeting and teamwork. In between these planned moments, one of the kiddos had an untied shoe. Rebecca, a HeartCorp member serving at Lubbock Impact, embodied what it looks like to empower someone. She sat down on the floor with him and said “here, let me show you”. Step by step she lovingly showed him how to tie his shoes, something he didn’t think he could do before that moment. The bright smile and head held high afterwards was priceless; the sight of someone feeling strong and empowered. 


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