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Volunteer Appreciation – Makenna

By December 6, 2022Recent News2 min read

Makenna is one of Lubbock Impact’s children’s ministry volunteers, and her heart is to consistently show up for our kiddos! 

She is a senior at Texas Tech studying Human Development and Family Sciences. She has been volunteering with Lubbock Impact in the children’s ministry for over a year now. Specifically, she is in charge of kindergarten through 5th graders every Wednesday night. 

Not only does she get to teach Bible stories, games, and crafts to these kiddos, but she actually gets to learn a lot from them! Since volunteering with Lubbock Impact, Makenna stated that she learned “how to be a leader as well as being a listener.” 

When she got put in her current leadership role, she didn’t feel qualified. But, she jumped right in, knowing that she wanted to be there for these kids. Now, she has a lot of experience and confidence to lead an elementary-aged group.

Listening was the other thing Lubbock Impact kiddos taught Makenna. Oftentimes, these kids want someone to talk to about their week. Instead of trying to solve their problems, Makenna learned to listen to hear, not just listen to respond.

To anyone wanting to volunteer, Makenna would say, “you don’t have to know what you’re doing, you just need to be present for these kids!”

She adds, “if children’s ministry isn’t for you, don’t be afraid to look elsewhere at Lubbock Impact, because there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer.”

Lubbock Impact is very thankful for the hard work Makenna gives to our kids every single week.