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The federal and state funding changes currently happening will deeply impact the people we serve. Please be in prayer for our families as they adjust to these difficult changes.

Since 2020, all families receiving SNAP (food stamps) benefits have had an extra emergency allotment to help them endure uncertain times.

As of March 1st, 2023, this extra emergency allotment has been removed. Every family will experience a minimum reduction of $95 in food stamps, “with the average Texas household losing $211 in benefits.”

With the decrease in food stamps and increase in the cost of living, we expect to see an influx of guests at Lubbock Impact. Families will know they have a seat at the table for our free Community Meal on Wednesdays at 5:30. Additionally, they are more than welcome to shop our free Food and Hygiene Pantry every thirty days for essential items.

To further help our participants, we have partnered with MCH to bring in a case manager every first and third Tuesday of the month to help people fill out SNAP forms and ensure their information is up to date.

Concerning healthcare, continuous Medicaid ends at the end of March. This means that all Medicaid recipients must reapply for benefits for the first time in three years. The application is being sent to the address on file, which is problematic if the recipient has moved. We are notifying all of our participants of this information, and encourage them to visit to ensure their personal information is up to date.

While the full public health emergency expires in May, we are already anticipating an uptick in uninsured patients seen at The Free Clinics.

Now, more than ever, we know our resources are needed to support and empower the working poor in our community.

If If you are able, consider grabbing some extra hygiene or food items when you are at the grocery store to donate to Lubbock Impact. Or you can shop online and have items shipped directly to us. To see what we are in need of, check out our Walmart Registry here:

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