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Board Members

Lubbock Impact is guided by a Board of Directors made up of men and women from throughout Lubbock. Considered a working board, they meet monthly to oversee the major activities of this ministry. Several of them also take a role in the weekly activities, serving in spots all over the building on any given Wednesday evening. All members of our board are well-versed and would be glad to meet with area businesses, churches, or individuals about potential partnerships with Lubbock Impact.

Glenna Applewhite

Glenna, a retired school teacher and administrator, has served Lubbock Impact since 2018. She has been a faithful volunteer at Lubbock Impact since 2015 and is currently the chairperson for the Board of Directors. Glenna also works on committees as a part of her board work writing policy and helping make decisions about social service programs and governance. Glenna is married to Marc Applewhite, also a volunteer for LI. She and Marc have 2 children and 4 beautiful grandchildren. They are servants at Bacon Heights Baptist Church where Glenna teaches a Sunday school class and Marc is a deacon among other services for the church.

Curry Blackwell

Curry is a real estate investor and business owner. He became the Secretary of the Board in January 2019 and can often be found volunteering at Lubbock Impact on Wednesday nights. Curry enjoys serving his Lubbock community, and he regularly takes part in other programs such as Meals on Wheels, Open Door, YWCA, and Community in Schools.

Mike Buchanan

Mike has been volunteering at Lubbock Impact since 2011, often prepping and serving meals to families on Wednesday nights. He took up the role of the Treasurer of the Board in 2019. Mike is a retired commodity broker and an active member of the Live Oak Community Church. In his spare time, Mike helps out with the Meals on Wheels program in Lubbock.

Deanna Duncan

Board Member
Deanna is one of the newest Members of the Board, taking her place in June of 2021. She helps oversee the Social Services at Lubbock Impact, and she is excited to serve her community in this new position. Deanna is experienced in working with nonprofits and helping them find funds through grants. She and her husband also run their own photography business, CjDuncan Photography.

Tina Foss

Board Member
Tina joined Luboock Impact’s Board of Directors in 2023. Tina serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Covenant Health. With her vast experience in hospital administration, she has the wisdom to speak into the various clinics that run at Lubbock Impact. A few of Tina’s skills include leadership, mentoring, and operations. In her free time, Tina enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with her husband, Mark.

Cristian Garcia

Vice Chairman
A West Texas native, Cristian serves as the Chief Advancement Officer of Saint Francis Ministries and has spent his career serving children and families. Cristian received his B.A. at Texas Tech University and earned his M.S. in Human Services from Lubbock Christian University. In 2020, he was a recipient of the “20 Under 40” award presented by the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce and in 2022 received the Adelante Award by Los Hermanos Familia. Cristian is married to his junior high sweetheart, Casey Garcia who works at the Child Development Research Center at Texas Tech University. Cristian enjoys spending time with his family and playing an active role in his two girls’ lives.

Timothy Givens

Board Member
Born and raised in Lubbock, Tim has served as a volunteer and Member of the Board at Lubbock Impact since 2021. He works as the store manager for Safelite Autoglass and volunteers with several organizations throughout Lubbock. Tim loves to travel, hunt, and fish in his free time.

Steve Hill

Board Member
Steve, a volunteer at Lubbock Impact since 2013, is self-employed. He took his place as a Member of the Board in June of 2021. Steve has dedicated many hours over the years to driving the van for the children’s ministry. He is also an active member of Southcrest Baptist Church.

Jeff Jones

Board Member
Jeff, a member of the group that originally began Lubbock Impact, has been a steady volunteer since the very beginning in 2007. He works as a contractor and often helps Lubbock Impact by providing his expertise on the building. A former Chairman of the Board, Jeff has overseen most ministries from the beginning. Jeff eventually stepped down as Chairman but continues to serve Lubbock Impact as a Member of the Board.

Debra Lavender-Bratcher

Board Member
Debra, is a Social Work Professor at Texas Tech University. She has been volunteering with Lubbock Impact for many years providing social work services and supervising students. Debra also serves on the board of directors for the Counsil of Social Work Education. She loves spending time with her two dogs, teaching praise dancing to students and growing her herb garden. She is passionate about Women’s Missions and helping people in the community. Each week, she can be found helping prepare a meal, serving a meal and helping students learn the skill of social work. She is a vital part of all aspects of Lubbock Impact.

Del Lopez

Board Member
Del recently took her place as a Member of The Board in January of 2023. Having served in the school system and now a retired LISD principal, Del still works in LISD as an ESL tutor. She also serves on the Board of Directors for WMU of Texas and is the Director of WMU for the Lubbock Area Baptist Association. She is an active member of Hispana Baptist Church, where her husband pastors. Some hobbies of Del’s are playing piano, reading, and taking care of her two grandchildren.

Tim Odom

Board Member
Tim joined as a Member of The Board in January of 2023. He is the Operator of two Chick-fil-A’s in Lubbock. He is an active member of First Baptist Church of Lubbock where he serves as a Sunday School teacher and as a member of the Finance Committee. His skills include leadership development, business, and hospitality.

Jordan Payne

Board Member
Jordan is a partner and dentist with Epperson & Payne Dental Group. He volunteers his own time and services with the Lubbock Impact Dental Clinic atleast once a month. You can also find him and his wife helping serve the community meal on Wednesday nights. He loves West Texas and says there is no other place he would rather live- the people, culture, sunsets are all wonderful and makes a wonderful place to call home. He has a passion for helping others and serving. He and his wife love to travel and also love to build relationships with his community, church, patients and employees. His goal in life is to glorify God in all things in his life.

Jeanna Roach

Board Member
Joining Betenbough Companies in 2006, Jeanna currently serves on the board of directors for the organization. She leads three of their businesses – Impact Title, Ninety-Two Bakery & Café, and The Willows Event Center. She took her place as a member of the Lubbock Impact board in 2019 and has helped with the spiritual and communications committees at Lubbock Impact. Jeanna spends her evenings and weekends watching her children play volleyball and basketball and continues serving on the United Way of Lubbock Board of Directors. Over the years, Jeanna and her family have enjoyed prepping meals and volunteering in the children’s ministry. She loves to speak on Kingdom Leadership and has developed a passion for sharing her testimony of how work and service are worship to God.


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