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Lubbock Impact is a faith-based nonprofit that has been serving the Lubbock community since 2007. We have been on a mission to empower the working poor by providing enrichment programs and resources to meet physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. This provides the hope and tools to break generational poverty and build a stronger future. Lubbock Impact comes alongside individuals to help in the areas of food, clothing, healthcare, spiritual care, and enrichment programs.

Notes from our Executive Director

Recently, I had the opportunity to represent Lubbock Impact at a church mission fair. If you know me, you know that I love to chit chat when time allows. So, a mission fair is my delight because I get to combine two of my favorite things: chitchatting and Lubbock Impact! As the fair I was at was ending, a young boy around 10 years old caught my eye as he walked by each booth looking at materials. When he finally stood in front of our booth, he reached out his hand and introduced himself and asked me how Lubbock Impact served the community. I gave him a quick overview and he asked a few questions. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a $5 bill. He looked me in the eye and said, “Please use this in your ministry.” I quickly thanked him and promised I would. That’s when I realized he had walked through all the booths and had chosen Lubbock Impact to invest his treasure in. What a powerful moment that was for me. I stood there with tears running down my face as I thought about this young boy giving of his treasure and trusting that I would invest it wisely in serving others. Since then, I have made a point of thinking about where that five dollars would get invested.

Then last Wednesday night, I got to meet a new husband and wife that came to Lubbock Impact. They had come earlier that morning to our office door asking for some food. Julie, who volunteers as the receptionist on Wednesday mornings, gave them each a sack lunch and invited them to the Community Meal. When I recognized them as new participants I greeted and welcomed them. They shared about the experience that morning and how happy they were they had found Lubbock Impact. We talked and made our way up the stairs so I could share about the resources available to them. As we talked, they told me how they need a church home and a place to belong. I shared about all the resources they currently found themselves in need of: food, clothing, healthcare, and HOPE. The whole time the husband was smiling ear to ear with joy. As we said our goodbyes and we walked away, I heard the husband say to his wife “My face hurts. I haven’t smiled like this in a long time!”

The young boy will never know exactly how his $5 was invested at Lubbock Impact but I choose to say that his $5 paid towards an evening for this couple to be fed and comforted in knowing that there is HOPE in their situation. My prayer is that each investment made into the lives of participants brings them into a place of knowing God has a hope and a future for them. As you read this, may you be encouraged by the investments you have made in Lubbock Impact and consider what future investments you will make in those who need HOPE in their time of need.

If you ever want to chitchat about all the goodness going on at Lubbock Impact, you know where to find me!


Becky Robertson

Executive Director

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