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Our New Pantry is Up and Running!

By April 12, 2023Recent News2 min read

Our pantry is complete! This project has been in the works for a long while, and we are so excited to announce that it is officially finished! 

This Food and Hygiene pantry is extremely important for our participants. They can come shop every 30 days for some essential items to help get them through the month. We have dozens of participants visit this pantry every week, and we are so honored to be able to help people in need.

Now that our pantry is renovated, we are able to better host our guests. The new pantry is much larger in size, so it can hold more and different items than before. We are now able to offer more pantry staples, such as spices and vegetable oil. The renovation work was not easy, but it will be so worth it to serve many more people to come. 

We wanted to specifically thank these people and groups who worked on the pantry: 

Brad Brunsun 

Christopher Brunsun 

Lubbock Christian School 

The Matador Club 

Southcrest Baptist Church Men’s Group

Atmos Energy


Live Oak Community Church Men’s Group

Lubbock Christian University 


Check out these photos, and make sure to scroll to the bottom to see it completely finished!