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Notes from the Executive Director

Easter Anticipation

By March 6, 2024No Comments

Final winter greetings before spring jumps into full gear! Daylight savings is coming, spring break is right around the corner, and then Easter will arrive. As a kid, Easter was one of my favorite memories because our family would have a barbeque, the weather was warm and then of course, the Easter egg hunts! Who doesn’t love a golden egg prize? And not until I was 17 years old did I come to learn that there was more to Easter celebrations than fluffy bunnies and fuzzy chicks. That was when I realized that Jesus died on a cross for my sins and rose again on the third day giving me the opportunity to spend eternity with God. (Romans 10:9) That moment changed my view of Easter forever.

Now when I look forward to Easter, I get excited about ways to tell about who Jesus is and give people the opportunity to see what life was like in Jesus’ days. Last year at Lubbock Impact we had our first Journey Through Jerusalem where adults and children could walk through the Jerusalem Marketplace and then experience passion stations of Christ to know the why behind Jesus’ choices. We each were on His mind.

That statement is powerful to me. Many of the participants at Lubbock Impact do not feel that anyone is thinking about them. They are lonely or feel helpless in their situation. They believe their tears and fears go unnoticed. And perhaps they may go unnoticed to the human eye but not to God’s eye. He knows the trials and suffering of His people, and He desires good for His people. Sometimes it is very hard to explain that to someone who has lost their place to live, and they have nowhere to go but their car. It’s hard to explain that to the mom who just lost her second job that paid the electricity bill. Or to the senior adult that has been eating peanut butter sandwiches because they don’t qualify for assistance from the government. Or the parent whose child is incarcerated, and they are raising their grandchildren. Each of these scenarios are real and the conversations are not easy to have as someone shares their heartache. Yes, we have the resources to help and what we can’t help with we connect them with who does but the hurt is real. And that is where Jesus provides the peace, comfort and attention that brings hope to the hopeless- prayers said through tears. God is providing a way out, it’s through His people. You are a part of the plan that rescues someone from the hardest of places. God uses your unique gift. Maybe that was preparing a meal, hanging the exact piece of clothing, receiving a phone call at Lubbock Impact, smiling and saying hello. Maybe you had no idea that would be the expression of God they needed to know He is alive and active in their life.

Lubbock Impact will again host our annual Easter Egg Hunt at Wheelock Park and Covenant Medical Group will host our community Easter Meal that helps us celebrate community. Each of these events gives us the opportunity to invite individuals and families in to celebrate what Jesus did for each of us on the cross. 

May you march into this March with a pep in your step as you think about God having His loving eye on you! 


Becky Robertson

Executive Director


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