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Notes from the Executive Director

Into 2024!

By January 17, 2024February 1st, 2024No Comments

Happy New Year and fresh outlooks on life!

We finished 2023 with over 18,000 touchpoints with individuals and families. Throughout the year, we made many new friends and continued to pour into participants that have been established at Lubbock Impact. Every participant has a different story and outlook on their situation. It can be difficult to navigate the needs and make sure we are able to provide in the places that we have committed to fill gaps. As I have shared many times, God always makes provisions in ways I didn’t even know would be possible. 

As we look ahead into 2024 and beyond, we have big plans that will help us meet the ever-growing needs in the clinics that operate here. The Lubbock Impact board had put into their strategic plan in 2021 to begin assessing the opportunity to renovate the medical clinic and office space because of its difficulty to navigate. As always, Lubbock Impact utilizes what we have and tries to not spend in directions that we do not need to. As we have grown from just a Wednesday evening program and have begun to develop and expand the times and ministry, the need has become apparent. We have consulted with an architect and have a plan that the doctors, pharmacists, staff and board members are in agreement will meet the needs. We are now at a point where we can move forward and start seeking funds. I will work on finding grants, foundations and private donors that would be interested in investing in this project that will serve the community. We have submitted a proposal through ECHO West Texas to the city council requesting 1 million dollars that remains from the city’s ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) allocations. This will help fund the nearly 2.5-million-dollar clinic project. Obviously, this is a big ask and leap of faith, but it is needed to be able to expand the days and times the medical clinic can be open. When the opportunity presented itself to ask the city council to consider Lubbock Impact, I again was reminded of God’s provision. We are trusting and believing if this is God’s will then we will be granted the funding. If not, then we know the funding will come in another direction. We would covet your prayers for this opportunity as it goes before the city council on January 23rd.

As a staff, we meet each Monday to spend some time in God’s Word and to prepare our hearts for the week ahead in ministry. As we have been studying through 1 Peter 2, Jesus is referred to as the living Stone, our cornerstone of faith. As a staff we have been reminded that just as Jesus is a living stone and is our living hope, we have a living hope and we are living stones. Our mission at Lubbock Impact is to share hope, empowerment and healing with our community. We do that by fulfilling Matthew 25:34-35 in providing food, clothing, clinics, spiritual encouragement and hospitality to the working poor. Those who feel hopeless and unseen are those we hope to see face to face. Please be in prayer for our staff and team of volunteers who thrive on sharing the living Hope of Christ! May all who enter into Lubbock Impact be blessed and encouraged in their current situation.


Becky Robertson

Executive Director


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