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With April being National Volunteer Appreciation Month, it has been a great time to reflect on all the volunteers who have spent time pouring into the Lubbock Impact family.

Some volunteers come and volunteer for a couple of hours, and some volunteers may come and volunteer over ten hours a week. However, each in their own way, are making a difference.

Looking over the past year, I think about some of the volunteer interactions I’ve witnessed, I see a volunteer kindly helping senior adults and those who are disabled on and off the chair lift. I think of the unsung hero who keeps the Clothes Closet running for participants to have clean and nice clothes. Then there is the volunteer in the kitchen sweating as they wash dishes, and no one even knows they are behind that corner. The volunteer who sits on the bench outside and carries on a conversation with someone who needs a listening ear. Volunteers who work all day in the medical and dental field just to turn around on Wednesday evening to bring physical healing to the uninsured. The volunteer who rocks a baby so her mom can be ministered to by Unpack Ministries or at the worship service. The weekly volunteer who sits with guests at every Community Meal and welcomes them as family. I think of all of fantastic volunteers, and many more that are serving behind the scenes that no one will ever know about.

Volunteers’ time and effort served at Lubbock Impact are not lost on our staff. We recognize that volunteers are the glue that keeps us together. The fuel that keeps the train running. The fizz to our soda. When you come in with a smile and encouragement, it motivates our staff to keep moving forward. We recognize your hard work and faithfulness, and we are extremely grateful.

Thank you for being the hands and the feet here at Lubbock Impact. Thank you for extending our participants a smile, hug, acceptance, and friendship. You are making an impact.

Becky Robertson
Executive Director


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