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When she walked into the double glass doors, my heart swelled. She had not been to Lubbock Impact in over a year.  She had chosen to leave because she didn’t get something she thought she deserved. Janet* had participated in programming at Lubbock Impact on and off for several years.  She was a part of the family of Lubbock Impact. She allowed the bitterness of expectation to ruin the relationships she had built at Lubbock Impact. When I saw her, I smiled, called her by name, and gave her a tight hug. During our embrace, she broke down into tears. She asked for forgiveness, and I reminded her that our relationship had never been broken. Janet shared about the heartaches of the past year and the praises of what God is doing in her family’s life. She shared that she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and some other health issues. Janet expressed feeling alone and that she wanted to come back to Lubbock Impact because we consistently cared about her. I embraced her and we prayed for healing for her body and spirit.

This is the reality of who we are at Lubbock Impact. Life is messy and relationships aren’t always easy.  However, this reminds me of the son who wanted his inheritance and left the family in the Bible. After a time away and hard living, he returned to his family, broken. His father had compassion on him, welcomed him home, and prepared a feast.

Both stories draw us closer to understanding the way God receives us and loves us through our brokenness. I need that acceptance and peace of knowing I can return. My pride may hinder me, but God welcomes me back time and time again.

As we celebrate Jesus’s birth over the next several weeks may you rest in knowing that Jesus made a way for you to be welcomed home. His birth opens the door for you to experience forgiveness and assurance that you are welcome into the kingdom of God.

This year, there have been many days at Lubbock Impact when we have been able to remind fellow broken people that they are welcomed into this place.

I will never stop thanking God for your partnership to serve, give, and pray for all those touched by the ministry of Lubbock Impact.

Merry Christmas!


Becky Robertson


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