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On a recent Friday, Trinity Christian High School brought 45 students and parents to dedicate their entire day to serving at Lubbock Impact. Most of the students had never served with us before, but they came as part of their preparations to go on upcoming mission trips. They arrived at 8:30 in the morning and did not leave until 3:30 in the afternoon.

Not only did Trinity serve with their hands, but they served with their prayers, too. Four times throughout the day, these high school students set aside time to pray over the ministry here.

At one point, I overheard a group of seniors praying in the Coffee Hall. Specifically, they prayed for people who would come into Lubbock Impact hurting, those who were hungry, for volunteers to see people’s needs and hearts to receive them, and for the donors giving away clothes and not knowing how those items would bless someone.

As I stood in the sanctuary, hearing their quiet pleas to God, I just started crying. I was full of joy and gratefulness because of these young people bringing other’s burdens to the only One we know who can answer those prayers.

Just this week, we had a grandma who came to the Community Meal. As she walked in, Shawna, our Finance & Volunteer Manager, immediately sensed a weight on her shoulders. Shawna embraced her in a hug as she shared that she had lost her nephew that week. Shawna immediately began to listen and pray with her.

Our staff decided we would implement a new ministry opportunity. We have begun to provide a meal for families who have been grieved, to encourage and support them. Just like how our own families and friends wrap around us when losing a loved one, our participants often do not have that support system. We want to be that extension of the church to them.

This is why I am grateful for each of you who come alongside the work of Lubbock Impact. You help us stand in the gap with arms open wide to embrace the hurting and those just needing a hug from a friend.

Your support makes it possible. Just like your prayers, and Trinity High School’s prayer, your support makes it possible for us to see Romans 12:15 become a reality, where we rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.

Becky Robertson
Executive Director


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