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Notes from the Executive Director

Sparks of Hope

By February 5, 2024February 7th, 2024No Comments

Have you ever seen the spark of hope in someone’s eyes that spread across their whole face? Well, I have had the privilege of experiencing the twinkling of hope several times in the last several weeks. First, I was visiting with Jessica*, a single mom who comes to Lubbock Impact for Community Meal and Wednesday night worship. We had been talking about her work situation and how she wants a more stable future for herself and her child. She works full time but not in a job she enjoys. In December, I shared about the upcoming WorkLife class that helps you find your God given purpose. A couple weeks ago I let Jessica know that the volunteers teaching it wanted to try a morning class and since we knew she was interested that it would be worth trying. She said, “really? You are doing this because of me?” Her eyes filled with tears in gratitude. The following week she came in with hope in her eyes as she shared that her boss was allowing her to come later because she could see how important this class was to Jessica*.

On a Tuesday morning two weeks ago, Joseph* and his young family were visiting the Clothes Closet. I hadn’t seen them in several months and all of our faces lit up when we saw each other. When we first met Joseph* and his family, they had recently become homeless due to a job loss, causing them to not be able to pay their bills and they ended up living in their car. They came for every resource we could provide, as well as we connected them with other local agencies that could help them get back on their feet. As time passed, they needed less support because they could manage their needs themselves. Seeing Joseph* that Tuesday morning, he shared with that twinkle of hope in his eyes, that he had found steady work and found permanent housing. Their growing kids led them to come back to our Clothes Closet. The next night they came for Community Meal and the bible studies. Joseph*, after the evening said with a huge smile, “I can’t believe you all remember my name and my family.” It was a joy to say to him that his family had made an impact in our lives as they make forward movement in their lives. Now that they are stable, they have joined the Faith and Finance class, the continued momentum to changing their family’s life story. 

Hope is a powerful motivator to keep moving forward, not giving up on yourself or others. Hope is a confident assurance in something that while we cannot see that we are trusting in the plan and purpose that God has. As opportunities present themselves at Lubbock Impact, we share our faith in the hope of Jesus (Hebrews 11:1) that will ignite a spark that burns for all eternity. 

Thank you for the ways you are bringing hope to our community as you pray, partner and provide ways for us to help others find hope, empowerment and healing through the programs and ministry of Lubbock Impact.


Becky Robertson

Executive Director


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