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For 18 days, the mornings at Lubbock Impact started with the warm smiles, youthful laughter and giddy excitement of Chick Fil A- Raider Park’s employees. While their location underwent necessary renovations during the month of December, owner and operator, Tim Odom saw an opportunity for employees to pick up their shifts by volunteering at Lubbock Impact. Through the clothes they sorted, meals they prepped, and rooms they cleaned the halls rang with many genuine “my pleasure”(s). “They were so steadfast, no matter how many times we needed them to mop the floor or clean those stairs, they did it all with a smile,” said Haley McBrayer, Program Director. 

The Chick Fil A- Raider Park location provided 59 volunteers who clocked in 319 hours of volunteer service from mid-December to the beginning of January. Their timing was perfect- during the holiday season, volunteerism is lower at Lubbock Impact to give volunteers more time to spend with their families. Raider Park’s team jumped in and took advantage of an opportunity to give back and help out.

From a business standpoint, Tim Odom says “practically, it made a lot of sense”. With Raider Park temporarily closed they had more hours than work. Rather than his employees being temporarily out of a job, they “clocked in” volunteering at Lubbock Impact. “There are some things more worthwhile than making a profit off of chicken,” Odom said. 

Justin, one of Chick fil a’s employees who volunteered, shared a piece of his story, how his family struggled when he was a kid and how that translated to his passion for serving the working poor through Lubbock Impact. He observed and took it all in as he watched the many generous individuals that came by to drop off their donations before the holidays. “You can tell that they really understand what Lubbock Impact stands for…” From the drop off door to the sorting table to the participant’s hands, Justin and many other Chick Fil A volunteers got to see it all. “It was really cool seeing the kind of stuff that was donated…. Really nice stuff, stuff that was warm” Justin remembers. As he sorted through the clothes that were donated, he says, “it made me happy, picking the best stuff out and thinking, some kid’s going to really love this.” He saw many families that resembled his own and kids that reminded him of himself. “To be able to see those families have these resources… I love it and am all for it.” When Justin first arrived at Lubbock Impact, he had never volunteered before and when he left on his last day, he said with a big smile “I’ll see ya again.” 


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