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Surprise Blessings

By June 8, 2023Recent News1 min read

Haircuts can be expensive, and often at the bottom of a long list of priorities if you are already struggling in a financial situation. 

On a recent Thursday morning, Lubbock Impact received a call from Wade Gordon Hairdressing Academy. The caller, who was an instructor, was looking for an opportunity for his students to practice haircuts. He offered to bring all of the supplies if he could set up shop in our building and give free haircuts to people in the building that morning. Of course, we said, yes, please come on! 

Shortly after the call, the students from Wade Gordon were in the coffee hall, ready to cut hair. They were able to give haircuts to men who had just finished shopping in the Clothes Closet. 

It was a great opportunity for both Lubbock Impact and Wade Gordon to serve people in our community! We are so thankful they wanted to help, and we look forward to them coming again to offer haircuts to our Lubbock Impact families!